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NOTE:  This is submitted by an 90 plus  year old woman, who has worked with  many physical therapists, both as a patient, and as a  volunteer handler of her personal  dog in animal assisted therapy programs in rehab hospitals.)

Several months after cervical spinal surgery I had yet to regain the range of motion I wanted, so I asked my primary care physician “What’s next?”  I’d tried traditional Physical therapy, so I was skeptical when she handed me a flyer… and questioned her with “more of the same”?  She said she’d heard good things about Karen DeVille, and urged me to contact her.  I kept the flyer, and would glance at it occasionally, then put it back in the stack.  Finally I made the call in Oct. 2015.  On my first visit I was impressed with Karen’s extensive physical evaluation, but was very skeptical on the second visit, which was ‘hands-on’.  In my initial visit Karen had recommended   I try six sessions, then decide if this was for me.  I felt that was reasonable.


As of June 2016 I see Karen 1 or 2 times a week,and I also work out with my personal trainer weekly–, a schedule I plan to continue…what more can I say!!!!!


P.S.  My two daughters are physicians, one in family medicine and palliative care, and the other in   surgical oncology.  Both  enthusiastically  support this schedule.


Martha Brewer

Farmington, CT

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