About Karen DeVille

Karen DeVille is a registered physical therapist (CT License #003255) with over 35 years of experience. She is also an EMT and Reiki Master. She practices a gentle integrative manual therapy approach that is foundational, profound, and lends itself effectively to treat a variety of conditions and dysfunctions.

Karen DeVille  “grew up” in health care when the physical therapy profession was valued by the health care industry and patients alike.  Early in her career, she had the time to develop and implement her skills and achieved superior outcomes, even in very complex cases. Karen was adeptly intuiting and practicing manual approaches.  This gave her an experience that changed her patient’s life and the trajectory of her career. Since then, she continues to pursue manual therapy specialties.  Karen has worked in a variety of settings, both side by side with, and as the treating therapist for advanced degree PTs and MDs alike.

Karen DeVille is a woman of faith, who was born, raised, and continues to live in Bristol, CT. She’s a mom to two wonderful sons, and a graduate and long time fan of UCONN (Go Huskies!). In addition, she is a fan of Star Trek, and collects comic books such as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman….“with great power comes great responsibility.”

Physical Therapy Today

In the current insurance based physical therapy delivery of care model, there is a focus on production. A manual hands on therapy approach is rarely available.  Additionally, patients and therapists are hemmed in by diagnostic codes with practice largely dictated by algorithms & contracts.  As a consequence, even those with advanced degrees, can be less experienced.  This often leads to underserved patients that respond with “that didn’t help me.”

Ultimately, the insurance system artificially limits the scope of physical therapy treatment and the client’s potential for recovery. This is why Karen developed the alternative Beyond Physical Therapy.

Beyond Physical Therapy practices therapy that honors you and your body, both history and design.

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