Here are some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that may help you before making an appointment.

What do you call what you do?

I have often been asked this question as my treatment style is unique and powerful. Growing up in healthcare as a physical therapist over these past 35 years I often found myself ahead of the continuing education curve, I was doing myofascial and neural tension release before it was developed and taught as a module. The same is true for craniosacral therapy and Reiki.

P.E.A.C.E. is an acronym for the combination of treatments I offer.  With its foundation in osteopathic medicine inclusive of a variety of advanced integrative manual therapy techniques, when incorporating Reiki it goes further.

P.E.A.C.E is Physical, *Emotional, Anatomic-alignment, *Chakra-centering, Energetic (with judicious, timely Exercise) Therapy.

Or I guess you could say…

My evaluations and treatments comprehensively take into consideration the presenting symptoms/limitations and relevant primary, secondary and tertiary anatomical dysfunctions/physiologic manifestations in the context of the individual’s age, co-morbidities, surgeries, historical injuries/traumas and illnesses to promote healing.




^ “Some of these techniques are based on extensive review of the literature and are clearly evidence based. *Other aspects of manual physical therapy practice reflect the clinical experience of the physical therapist. Some of these techniques have not been validated by more rigorous clinical research protocol because measurement tools have yet to be developed that could undergo appropriate testing” (*akin to acupuncture as approved by the FDA, the evidence that it works- even if anecdotal- is bountiful, even if evidence as to how it works is incomplete). “Adhering to clinical research as the only valid evidence is a disservice to patients who have responded time and again in case studies to these interventions and ignoring those outcomes threatens to undermine future innovation in the field.” Carrie Schwoerer, Director of Education APTA 

(Please see Reading List under the About Tab for some available peer-reviewed research)


How can I schedule an Appointment?

You may contact me via the website “Contact Me” page, or alternatively via cell:  860.302.3687 text option (in case I am working!).

Are you available for private treatment and Reiki sessions?

Yes! I offer both private treatment and Reiki sessions. I can also arrange to come to you if that serves your needs better. Please contact me directly for more information.

What hours are you available?

I have a flexible schedule, please contact me to make arrangements.

What insurance plans do you participate in?

There are different options we can discuss.  I work out of an office and also offer private treatments.

The office based practice is best for treatments when there is a third party payor (Auto-MedPay, Worker’s Compensation, Private Health insurance) or in a claim or suit.

In third party payor situations there is often a claims/ case management process that would need to be followed for example:
– MD referral to initiate treatment
– formal evaluation at start of care/ first session
– submission of evaluation to utilization review/ request for authorization to treat
– interim status / re-assessments and repeat of above cycle
– there may be copays, deductibles, or other cost sharing
To schedule appointments through the office, to be scheduled with me, you would need to expressly state that you would like to be on my schedule. The billed rate at the office can range from $80 to $160.00 or more per session.  Please call to establish office* (*satellite closed due to COVID) location, days, hours, schedule, services and charges/ session.

If there is no third party payor, then it may be better to schedule privately.  Private treatment allows for some alternative treatments that could not otherwise be offered or billed under the scope of Physical Therapy.  Additionally, under this delivery of care model, I can also come to your home as needed.

If you are not sure how to start and want to better understand your options, it may be in your best interest to just send me an email.

Either way, I would be happy to work with you to develop a treatment plan.  In my experience it would take approximately 4-6 treatment sessions for both you and I to be able to determine whether the treatment techniques I offer are a good fit for you.  In many cases, it could be sooner.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes.  Health Care providers (participating and non participating) are required to share with you information on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the No Surprises Act (to include Good Faith Estimates) .  Please see the links below for additional information:

*HIPPA    &    *No Surprises Act/Good Faith Estimates

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Feel free to use my cell/text: 860-302-3687