Prior to completing Reiki coursework, I had treated three different Reiki Masters, two of them each asked me was I doing Reiki?  At the time I was unfamiliar with it and had received no formal Reiki training, so tongue in cheek I replied, “I don’t know… you tell me!”.  Each Master independently concluded that I had a unique gift and if I wasn’t doing Reiki I should be.  I have since completed advanced Reiki training and am now a Reiki Master.

Reiki has been described by some as channeling the Holy Spirit. 

Independent of any religious or spiritual belief, Reiki is best defined as an energetic modality. At a fundamental level, our bodies are variously energetic, exhibiting potential (stored) energy and kinetic energy- the energy of movement. Beyond the physical boundaries of our body there are energetic fields around our bodies (biofields sometimes referred to as energetic bodies) that have been identified, known, can be scientifically demonstrated and because of their energetic nature can be energetically influenced. We know that we are affected by external energy; for instance we are advised not to live too close to high tension power lines.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the famous equation E=mc2 represents the matter-energy relationship mathematically; matter and energy are related by a factor of the speed of light (c). With this equation Einstein moves Beyond the purely mechanical Newtonian physics into a more energetic understanding, that of Quantum physics.

Quantum physics is now understood to be the fundamental most true science underlying and explaining our reality.  In physical theories prior to special relativity, mass and energy were viewed as distinct entities and the energy of a body at rest would be assigned an arbitrary value. Einstein’s theory of special relativity expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other.  It is not arbitrary or artificial, it is instead mathematically verifiable!  A body at rest  (think any body at rest but understand that this is applicable to our human bodies, our human form) has mass and “rest energy” which potential is available for conversion to other forms of energy. Energy can be released from the body as a result of such conversion*.        

When we come to understand that matter and energy are related, are representations of each other, and accept this, then we realize we have a powerful basis of influence.  Reiki as an energetic modality is one way to influence our mass-energy bodies for the purposes of healing and promoting health. Because of how I came into the practice, I reserve the term Reiki for that energetic work that I offer when off/ without physical contact/ of the body.

From time to time I have offered Reiki treatment sessions to the community at a reduced rate at the Bristol Senior Center located at  240 Stafford Avenue.  You can check these links for availability.  The calendar for community Reiki treatment sessions is posted online, as well as in the Bristol Senior Center Newsletter and is updated quarterly. You may also inquire at the Bristol Senior Center at  (860) 584 7894.

I am also available for privately scheduled Reiki treatment sessions. If you’d like to schedule a private session, please contact me directly.



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