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I had double mastectomy surgery with reconstruction for breast cancer in July 2016 with continued implant procedures through the Fall of 2016.
Two months after the initial surgery although I had been faithfully doing the prescribed exercises, I had ongoing issues with pain, immobility and numbness that I believed were permanent. With skepticism and resignation I began treatment with Karen. In 3 sessions I saw dramatic improvement in all areas and much to my relief even the stubborn numbness was resolved.

The “no pain-no gain” mantra I have often heard in my work amongst other therapists was never an adopted part of Karen’s treatment plan. Although the work was on sensitive tissue, to my surprise and delight the therapy was soothing and I did not experience any worsening of symptoms during or after the sessions.

I have been singing Karen’s praises to others including my surgeon who at a follow up appointment was so impressed with my recovery that she asked for the name of my therapist.

Don’t settle for run of the mill. If you have heard any hype about “massage” therapy in Bristol, check twice, it may be a buzz about Karen DeVille and her unique paradigm and treatment approach. She has opened my eyes to what it truly means to be a skilled physical therapist and I am so happy to share my experience and promote the work she does.

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