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When my body has been out of alignment, my joints have been inflamed or uncomfortable, I have had headaches, and/ or my physical and emotional energy has been out of whack, perpetuating discomfort in my body, mind, and/ or emotions, Karen’s skillful assessment, discernment in determining interventions, and holistic approach to physical therapy has restored my physical well-being and provided emotional relief, supporting my mental health and bodily wellness in a number of treatment episodes. I recommend Karen DeVille to those seeking a holistic approach to physical healing and overall wellness.

Karen is perceptive and intuitively effective.  She is aware of her own mind-body connection and integrates physical, mental, and emotional information in her holistic manual therapy.  Her unique way of working removes barriers to wellness and supports the body’s innate ability to heal. I would love to see more of her style of treatment available.  I have referred friends and clients to Karen and have had the good fortune to collaborate with her to benefit our mutual patients.

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