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A few years ago, my husband and I read “Your Inner Physician and You” by John E. Upledger.  This is a powerful book about Cranio Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release.  After reading this book, we were eager to find an experienced practitioner and experience the benefits of cranio sacral therapy first hand.  Within days, we
found Karen.  After our first sessions, we both knew that she was a gifted and very talented practitioner.  My husband Jacob, who’s spine curves a bit, began to stand taller, and became much more flexible and I experienced almost immediate emotional balance as well as other physical healing.   Karen is a very skilled practitioner with an amazing intuitive ability.  Her sessions work both on the physical and non-physical self.  After one session with Karen, you will be transformed on some level.  I would highly recommend Karen to any individual who is struggling with a physical, mental, or emotional imbalance.

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